Mission Education
Children at risk of development
Maintaining a child
Children and family quality of life
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Our Objectives

The objective of Abhiprerna Rehabilitation Centre, is to provide the children suffering from mental and multiple disabilities a place and atmosphere where they could overcome their disabilities through love, care and proper guidance. Imaginative and creative activities such as dance, music, painting, story telling, etc. are used to strengthen their mental faculties.

  • To diagnose their physical disabilities through different tests and to provide remedial measures through various therapies and medical treatments.

  • To train the parents about the special needs and therapist of their children.

  • To train these children through games and sports activities for special and mainstream school.

  • To educated these children through do and learn methods in the fields of language, mathematics and social behaviours.

  • To enable these children not only to meet the needs of their everyday live, but also to understand and enjoy their surroundings.

  • To give their all the facilities provided for than by the Government.

  • To take then finally on the part of becoming an independent and able individual.